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Empowerment ༆ Since starting my OnlyFans page I have received so many messages from both men & women along with talks from close friends saying how proud they are for me for taking this step of empowerment for myself. This is empowerment comes in so many forms;

Sexual & Sensual
Artistic Freedom & Expression

I love my body. It’s taken me years to reach this place with my body. I have spent the majority of my life hating my body. Struggling with terrible self image problems which lead me into eating disorders from the age 14-28 years old. 12 years of my life. And many go through more years than that. I still to this day will catch myself loathing what I see in the mirror – this recent weight gain, even though it’s NEEDED & HEALTHY, has admittedly been fucking with my mind since we live in a society that gaining weight is seen as bad. When living in LA & was still in the acting/modeling world I was applauded for my weight loss after getting so ill – saying that 90 pounds with 10% body fat looked AMAZING. Other women in the industry would say “I wish I had a disease that made me lose weight”. THAT – that right there shows how twisted & sickening our mindset has become about body image when others want diseases to make them skinnier.

We also live in a society that shames female sexuality & sensuality. How many posts have I seen where trolls say “she’s just begging for attention”. No, we happen to be fucking empowered & liberated from the bonds of societal pressures. Those who post such comments are triggered because they wish they could be just as free & love themselves just as much – its heartbreaking that they go instantly to insults & hate but at the end of the day it’s their problem, not ours.

And to the shaming of making money from an OnlyFans, I have not experienced this but know others who have. What is the difference of being a model in a magazine? Or an actor in a film or TV show? Next time just ask them if they’ve bought a magazine that shows a person wearing undies? Or if they have subscribed to Netflix, HBO, etc – cough cough who’s all watched GOT?

Fuck the judgement
Stand in your mother fucking power 💯

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