Coming to the Decision of Making an OnlyFans

After a lot of thought I made the decision to create an OnlyFans page This decision I’ve been thinking on after so many in my tribe were encouraging & supporting me to create one. I first was very hesitant due to the stigma around OnlyFans; the perception that it’s a porn platform – perhaps it started that way but clearly my page I will not be placing X-rated content. Though let the record show I have nothing against consenting adult men & women who have such professions – as long as they feel happy & empowered then I support 100%.

My page is for me as a creator to monetize my influence & to post content that has often been blocked on my other social media pages including IG, TikTok, & FB; for apparently to them being free with your body is considered “sexually explicit” & violates community guidelines. I’m personally tired of this prude world we live in.


This attitude that there is something wrong with it goes into deep rooted societal body shaming – especially, in my opinion, for women. The fact that we get in trouble for showing our nipples is ridiculous “but Tay a woman’s breast are sexual vs a mans chest” – no it’s sexual because we’ve made it sexual. If every woman on the beach was bare chested like a man, if it was “the norm”, then no one would think anything of it. And frankly all parts of the body can be sensual & sexual, we as beings are stimulated by consensual touch.

But I digress lol. Going back to my OnlyFans. It will be a place for more bikini, undies, body empowerment & freedom pictures & videos. I assume the majority of followers will be those who are sexually attracted to me which I obviously have no problem with.

Models income used to come from print magazines but now we live in the digital age & it’s time to utilize these platforms especially when other platforms have restrictions & make it impossible for creators to now make income. But I also hope my platform can also be a place of body empowerment.


About OnlyFans

  • OnlyFans is a subscription site that lets content creators monetize their influence. Creators can lock their content behind a paywall, allowing fans access for a monthly fee or one-off tip.
  • Since OnlyFans launched in 2016, the site has paid out more than $600 million to creators. Creators can allow their fans to pay for content via a monthly subscription between $4.99–$49.99 each month.
  • They can also have free pages where they then charge fans to access content via pay-per-view.
  •  Other creators have both a free page and a subscription page to diversify and optimize their earnings
  • OnlyFans implemented transaction limits which capped PPV pricing at $50 per post and tips from new fans at $100 per tip. They also changed the payout frequency in some countries from weekly payouts to payouts every 21 days.
  • OnlyFans is a site, not an app.
  • OnlyFans creators can post themselves doing any number of things that wouldn’t fly on other social media sites, but it wasn’t created solely for that purpose. In fact, there are creators on the site that don’t offer adult material—artists, fitness instructors, chefs, and others who want to use the site to monetize their content.
  • Creators can host live streams where followers can engage with creators in real-time.
  • OnlyFans also has a messaging feature that lets creators market to their viewers similar to email marketing, letting them know about new or exclusive content, polls, and more. These live performances go a long way toward increasing audience engagement, brand affinity, and optimizing viewership.

Update April 12, 2021

Empowerment ༆

Since starting my OnlyFans page I have received so many messages from both men & women along with talks from close friends saying how proud they are for me for taking this step of empowerment for myself. This is empowerment comes in so many forms;

Sexual & Sensual
Artistic Freedom & Expression

I love my body. It’s taken me years to reach this place with my body. I have spent the majority of my life hating my body. Struggling with terrible self image problems which lead me into eating disorders from the age 14-28 years old. 12 years of my life. And many go through more years than that. I still to this day will catch myself loathing what I see in the mirror – this recent weight gain, even though it’s NEEDED & HEALTHY, has admittedly been fucking with my mind since we live in a society that gaining weight is seen as bad. When living in LA & was still in the acting/modeling world I was applauded for my weight loss after getting so ill – saying that 90 pounds with 10% body fat looked AMAZING. Other women in the industry would say “I wish I had a disease that made me lose weight”. THAT – that right there shows how twisted & sickening our mindset has become about body image when others want diseases to make them skinnier.

We also live in a society that shames female sexuality & sensuality. How many posts have I seen where trolls say “she’s just begging for attention”. No, we happen to be fucking empowered & liberated from the bonds of societal pressures. Those who post such comments are triggered because they wish they could be just as free & love themselves just as much – its heartbreaking that they go instantly to insults & hate but at the end of the day it’s their problem, not ours.

And to the shaming of making money from an OnlyFans, I have not experienced this but know others who have. What is the difference of being a model in a magazine? Or an actor in a film or TV show? Next time just ask them if they’ve bought a magazine that shows a person wearing undies? Or if they have subscribed to Netflix, HBO, etc – cough cough who’s all watched GOT?

Fuck the judgement
Stand in your mother fucking power 💯

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