✌️ & 😄 even through the crazy & rather ridiculous parts that life has to offer.

✌️ & 😄 even through the crazy &

rather ridiculous parts that life has to offer.

Continuing on my last post talking about my crazy vagina spasms, first thought to be a rectovaginal fistula but my doctors & I figured out what was going on after a colonoscopy & then I recorded my vagina sucking & blowing out my bath water. So I had to work with my physical therapist to get those muscles in order while at the same time my vagina was prescribed Valium for the spasms. Leading me to my next funny story with my health. So my doctor not wanting me to stay on Valium custom ordered a cream that could only be made by one pharmacy in Oklahoma. It was a topical pain relieving cream that could be safely placed into the vagina. Well by this time I’ve had two laparoscopies, multiple pelvic floor exams, vaginal ultrasounds & physical therapy for my pelvic floor which included dilators for the biofeedback. Well the pharmacist was explaining to me how insert the cream vaginally. The cream is first placed into the applicator and then the vaginal insert is placed into the vagina. My mom says to the pharmacist “She’s got this! She’s had so much put up there” 🙇🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤣 My jaw just dropped & the pharmacist had this look of “wow” crossed over her face. My mom realized how what she said sounded like & went in to clarify “I don’t mean … I mean she’s had a lot of items put up there … not like… she has vagina stuff” All I could do was just say “It’s ok mama” & then thanked the pharmacist for their time … with my mom saying as we walked out “Well you know what I meant!” 🤣🤣🤣 I don’t think I was even embarrassed. By that time I had reached the point where I was showing my friends how my vagina “farted” & asking my physical therapist if I could trying shooting out a ping pong ball … she didn’t recommend I try that lol. It’s all so ridiculous not to be funny. PS If you are wondering, no I never tried the trick with a ping pong … my PT made it clear how unhappy she would be if she discovered I ended up in the ER with a ping pong ball stuck up my vagina 🤣🤣🤣 I still think it would be a cool trick though lol 🏓

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